Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Violets ears are pierced!

My peanut just got her ears pierced!!! I was a wreck when it happened:(

We jetted off for our usually end of the week grocery day so we headed to Wally World. I went ahead and did the shopping I needed to do and before we left, We turned around and headed to the jewelry counter. So I went ahead and picked out the earrings and she prepared Violet by cleaning her earlobes and marking where the gone will go. As I held the lady snapped and my peanut was wailling!!! I felt so bad but didn't want her to wait to get it done. I kept kissing her and Scarlett almost cried for her but I kept telling her she was gonna look just like her, her BIG Sister!

All in all she went through and got her ears pierced and she looks amazing!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Violet's 6 months old!

My peanut just turned 6 months old and I still can't believe how time is flying by sooo fast. I'm already thinking about her 1st birthday, the BIG 1! And the upcoming holidays.

Well, she had her 6 month Dr. visit and she passed with flying colors! She weighs 17.9 lbs (such an eater!) and she is 26 1.4 inches long. She was not happy with her shots but I know and I reassured her that these shots are to fight off the bad germs out there from her little body.

Scarlett was by her sister making sure the Dr. did everything right, she even helped distract Violet while the Dr. examined her. Such the BIG Sister she is!!! As we left she got a sticker and sample toothpaste which she was so thrilled since it had the Disney Princesses on them.

We ten went off to the library for story time..Violet snoozed the entire time and Scarlett was having a blast.

Violet has already rolled to her sides and everywhere else, picks up items, pulls things, and can sit on her own for abit then you see her tumbling forward. She is still cooing and loves mama....she won't really go with anyone. Very attached which is great since i love her warmth right next to me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fun Last Week!!

Last week was packed with fun visits!!! We had a mini playdate at Leslie's, Christine and Sienna were in town so they came over to visit, we then had a baby shower/playdate for Camilla (Christine's newest addition arriving Aug 09!) and we got her the cutest tiara, We also went to The Children's Museum with Christine and Sienna and THAT was alot of fun!!! They had just remodeled it a few months ago and let me say its well worth exploring. So much to see that we didn't get to do it all but we plan to go next time she is in town:) The girls had a great time and so did we:) I think the most fun was seeing a picture box of different kinds of animal feces...honestly I couldn't believe my eyes...there is always something new,lol!!! It was a great week visiting an old friend and seeing the girls hang out.

4th of July!

4th of July was a hot one!!! thank goodness one of our good friends family had a pool to cool us down. Scarlett was so excited to get in the pool and she sure did. She got in with arm floaties and a tire and she stayed like that in the water for a good while. She absolutely loved!!! She kicked her legs, paddled her arms, she floated with her head back (it was cute) and played with everyone. She hated getting out but I made her so she can eat, drink and slather more sunscreen on. She was our little cute tadpole!! We caught her a few times, falling asleep on the tire but she woke once she heard our voices. Violet had a great time time too!!! She got in the water, she enjoyed her 1st real pineapple and mango. As for V and I , we had lots of was funny coming up with games and pretty much swimming. We called it in early that day, we went to bed by 9 pm!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Violets 5 months old!

Yup, she is already almost half a year into being 1 and its flying by too quickly, its sad:( We are still working on her sitting up on her own and she doesn't have any teeth yet but hopefully soon. She has started on solids, she can grasp pretty well, very ticklish, loves to be held (love it!), makes lots of sounds and she loves to sleep quite abit. Up/feed at 6:30 am, mini nap at 9ish, lunch around 10:30ish, nap at 11 am, Up/feed around 3:30ish and then off to bath/bedtime at 5:30 pm!!! Ain't that the life! She loves her big Sissy alot!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Violets 1st Baby Food!

Yup, I decided to start on the baby foods already, I still cant believe we are already doing this and she is close to being 5 months old...WAAAAHHHHH! This morning I cleaned off Scarletts old high chair (it brought back memories of her - she said she wanted to sit in it) and had it ready for lunch time. She had booby for breakfast, lunch was booby and prunes and dinner was booby and sweet potatoes. She wasn't to keen about the sweet potatoes but she gave it a few more shots and really enjoyed it at the end:)

Violet also touched her toes on her own on June 17th! We were all enjoying dinner and there she went touching her toes so I rushed to get the camera and I captured it! yeah!

As for Scarlett we are still practicing her letters, numbers, etc but we are working a lot more on opposites and she is enjoying her books from the library. We also have been hitting story time at the library too. My princess!! And on June 6th, we enjoyed a day in the pool and so after nap we promised Scarlett we would get her a snow cone, her 1st. I got her the pink bubblegum flavored snowcone...and I had to get one for Violet (everything I eat goes to her,lol!) a strawberry and boy were they yummy, so yummy!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Today was Violets 1st Fathers day and Scarlett's 3rd Fathers Day and it was a great day for Daddy:) After breakfast this morning Scarlett and Violet made brownies for dad - he loves his chocolate. I got all the ingredients out, placed Violet in her baby coozy and we jumped at it! Scarlett really enjoyed making brownies for her dada and Violet was her Big Sisters supervisor,lol! Then Daddy and Scarlett had breakfast together and then later on that afternoon we had lunch at his dad's. I also called my dad early that morning to wish him a great Fathers Day (wish we were there to be with ya!).

WOW! We had a busy but very FUN weekend!!! Saturday we went to our good friends, The Brown's, new home in Magnolia. We spent the day at the lake, Scarlett had a blast playing in the water and with Chloe, Mikey, Jordan and Kaliegh. They really enjoyed playing with her:) We then headed back to there place for burgers and dogs. It was a fun day and it was so great to finally meet Jewel and Derrick, The Browns twins:) They look happy and very healthy.